The Oaks Healthcare Center
1501 Clayton
Poteau, OK  74953-
[Electronic Record Code: 260527 - 1996]
Type of Control: Proprietary, Corporation
Certified Beds: 0
Total Patient Days: 0
Total Patient Revenue: $0
Period: 01/01/2005 - 12/31/2005
Status: Settled Without Audit

Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC):
Mutual of Omaha

Worksheet Descriptions and Formats

For your reference, each worksheet includes links to the corresponding CMS format and instructions. (These links are immediately below the title in the upper-left hand corner. There is also a page summarizing and linking all worksheet formats.) Please note that SNFdata.com worksheets are replicated from electronic cost report data obtained from the CMS Healthcare Cost Report Information System dataset (HCRIS) and may differ from the format submitted by the facility (e.g. sub-lines and sub-columns may be combined, certain totals have been calculated, etc.). Some worksheet formats include gray fields where data are not required, but may have been required in prior years. If that data is in the HCRIS file, it is displayed in the grayed field and included in subsequent calculations. Please note that some worksheets may not be included because data are not available from the CMS HCRIS file or because the worksheets are seldom used.

Purchasing a Single Cost Report

Non-subscribers and Level 1 subscribers can look up a facility, select among the periods available, and view worksheets to determine the data available (indicated by ### instead of actual values). You can purchase a cost report using the shopping cart at the top of the page while viewing the cost report profile or any of the worksheets. Single cost reports are $80 and can be purchased online using a major credit card. Once a cost report is purchased any of the worksheets can be viewed online, printed, and/or downloaded for 30 days. The purchase price is also credited toward a subscription purchased during the 30 day period.

Using Folders

Both subscribers and purchasers of single reports can use folders to organize their work. Cost reports that are purchased individually are automatically kept in a folder named, "My Cost Reports" that also shows the 30 day expiration date. A special folder named "Current Session" is created each time you log in. Click on the Folders button at the top of any page after logging in to open or maintain folders. It can subsequently be named and saved between sessions.

Printing and Downloading

Subscribers and purchasers of single reports can choose to print a worksheet or download it in either Microsoft Excel™ or PDF (Adobe Acrobat™) format. A "printer-friendly" page can also be generated and printed using your browser's print feature. The entire cost report (i.e. all worksheets) can be downloaded as a single PDF document using the link at the bottom of the left-hand column on the cost report profile report.