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  1. SNFdata Resources does not use email to solicit business. If you receive an email solicitation from a company claiming to be "SNFdata Resources" it is not from us.
  2. Your email address is maintained so that we can send you information regarding your account. Such information includes subscription acknowledgements, renewal acknowledgements, renewal notices, and lost passwords. (You will receive a notification on the search page if your email address is missing or if important email is being returned.)
  3. We also use your email address to let you know about enhancements and data updates. If you do not wish to receive this type of notification, however, you can indicate your preference in your profile. (You can access your profile after logging in by clicking the blue "Update your profile..." link that appears near the top navigation the welcome page.)
  4. Any information that we collect from you is regarded as confidential.  It is used strictly to process credit card orders and to communicate with you regarding your subscription.  We do not use the information for any other purpose and it is never disclosed to others.
  5. To ensure security we do not retain credit card information beyond the time of your purchase.
  6. Cookies and web beacons are used to control a subscriber's access to services during a session. Cookies are not retained after a subscriber logs off or if a session is otherwise terminated. Cookies are not used for any other purpose and user activities are neither tracked nor shared with others. We do not track any activity once you leave our website. If a cookie is blocked by the user it will not be possible to log in or otherwise access subscriber services.
  7. This policy will be updated as necessary to provide accurate notice to users of our privacy policies. Please refer to it regularly.