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SNFdata Resources, LLC launches Web site with latest skilled nursing facility Cost Report and Medicare Survey Information

LOUISVILLE, Ky., July 31, 2009 - For the first time, Medicare cost report data for skilled nursing facilities (SNF) will be available 24/7, and in a form that is easily downloaded into spreadsheets for analysis. Key Medicare survey information from Nursing Home Compare ( ), a US Government site is also included. With the public launch of this new website -- -- SNFdata Resources, LLC begins providing immediate, economical access to extensive information about the nation’s skilled nursing facilities.

"Until now, analysts could only get SNF cost reports by purchasing them from a nursing facility’s fiscal intermediary," said Tom Schuhmann, a principal of SNFdata Resources. "Unfortunately, that process takes time and is often tedious. The requested report is generally provided by intermediaries on paper or in an electronic format that requires the use of special software. By leveraging the Internet, we now make cost report information immediately available, economical, and in formats that are easy to use."

The new website makes information easily accessible in standard worksheet formats that are familiar to analysts who work with cost reports. Individuals can purchase single reports or subscribe for unlimited access. Information at is updated each quarter or whenever new data is released so that users always see the most current status of a cost report.

A comprehensive set of reports for each facility is also available. These include a profile that details facility characteristics, the results of most recent Medicare surveys, financial reports, key financial indicators, and important operating information such as resource utilization group and wage index statistics. Summary information is available free and detailed information is available by subscription.

A powerful search tool and mapping feature allows users to look up facilities according to characteristics such as geographic area, type of ownership, and size. A mapping feature is also included to show exactly where a facility is located.

Information in cost reports includes income statements, balance sheets, utilization statistics, departmental costs and charges, and other important and relevant data. Nursing facilities that participate in Medicare are required to submit annual Cost Reports containing such data.

SNFdata Resources, LLC is the industry's first on-line provider of comprehensive nursing home information. It is intended primarily for industry professionals interested in operational information rather than for individuals making medical decisions or choices about the selection of a facility.

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